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Veterans in Business Association

Thanks for visiting the Rice Jones Graduate School of Business Veterans in Business Association (VIBA) website. Learn more about the club below. Connect on LinkedIn to reach out to members and VIBA alumni directly. To stay updated on VIBA news, events and happenings via email, enter your name and email on our signup form.

For general information regarding veterans at the Rice Jones Graduate School of Business, please visit


The mission of the Rice Veterans in Business Association (VIBA) is two-fold. First, we will provide assistance to veterans transitioning from military service to student life at Rice University. Second, we will uphold our commitment to service by partnering with other student organizations, Rice Alumni, and the Houston business community to participate and sponsor in philanthropic events that benefit charitable veteran and military organizations.

  1. Provide transition support, leadership guidance, resume advice, and networking opportunities to all veterans attending Rice University.
  2. Raise money for charitable veteran and military service organizations.
  3. Provide an opportunity for all Rice students to network with veterans in business and to participate in fund raising efforts that support charitable veteran organizations.
  4. Build a strong academic, professional, and personal support network amongst Rice alumni and the veteran community at Rice University.

If you would like to make a donation to the Veterans In Business Association student club, click here and be sure to designate your gift to “Other” as well as indicating “VIBA” in the space allotted. For information about donating to the Military Scholars Program or the Rice Veterans in Business Association please contact Kathleen Harrison of External Relations, at


Steven Panagiotou

Concentration: Energy
Branch: Army
Undergraduate School: University of New Hampshire
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Summer Internship: FlexGen Power Systems
Philip Gunn
Vice President of Operations

Concentration: Investment Banking
Branch: Air Force
Undergraduate School: Virginia Tech
Hometown: Valdosta, GA
Summer Internship: Investment Banking Summer Associate, Global Energy Group, Citi
Matthew Guyton
Vice President of External Relations

Concentration: Energy Investment Banking
Branch: Navy
Undergraduate School: United States Naval Academy
Hometown: Oak Ridge North, TX
Summer Internship: Energy & Power Investment Banking Summer Associate, Wells Fargo Securities
Tim Stephenson
Vice President of Admissions

Concentration: Energy
Branch: Army
Undergraduate School: University of Mississippi
Hometown: Coker Creek, TN
Summer Internship: Commercial Development Program, Chevron
James Vu
Vice President of Marketing

Concentration: Real Estate/Finance
Branch: Navy
Undergraduate School: UCLA
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Summer Internship: Summer Associate, CFH Investment Partners
Erik Hitchcock
Vice President of Treasury

Concentration: Energy/Finance
Branch: Navy
Undergraduate School: Excelsior College
Hometown: Katy, TX
Summer Internship: Strategic Planning Associate, CenterPoint Energy
Juan Castellanos
Vice President of CMC

Concentration: Entrepeneur/Oil and Gas/Banking
Branch: Army
Undergraduate School: United States Military Academy
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Summer Internship: Summer Associate, Goldman Sachs
Alex Shelby
Vice President of Information

Concentration: Energy Investment Banking
Branch: Army
Undergraduate School: United States Military Academy
Hometown: Morrisville, Pennsylvania
Summer Internship: Investment Banking Summer Associate, Natural Resources Group, Barclays Capital
Will Shumate
Vice President of Philanthropy

Concentration: Energy/Finance
Branch: Army
Undergraduate School: Texas Christian University
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Summer Internship: Summer Associate (Investment Banking), Lazard Frères & Co. LLC
Ross Neuhart
Concentration: Energy Invesment Banking
Branch: Army
Undergraduate School: Georgia Tech
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Summer Internship: Corporate Finance Summer Associate (Investment Banking), Deutsche Bank
Kyle Greer
Concentration: Consulting/Energy
Branch: Army
Undergraduate School: University of Mississippi
Hometown: Franklin, TN
Summer Internship: Summer Associate, McKinsey & Company
Patrick Hamel
Concentration: Investment Management
Branch: Army
Undergraduate School: United States Military Academy
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Summer Internship: Summer Associate, JP Morgan Private Bank

Military Scholars Program

The Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University is proud to announce the Rice MBA Military Scholars Program. This program is the result of a group of generous community members who wanted to acknowledge, honor, and support those who proudly serve our country.

The Military Scholars Program will provide scholarships to cover tuition, fees, and expected living expenses for selected applicants who wish to pursue their educational dream of obtaining the Rice MBA degree. For more information on applying to the program, visit

We are grateful for those of you who serve in the military and encourage you to consider this opportunity. For more information about Rice MBA students with a background in the military, please visit

If you have questions about the Military Scholars Program, please contact

All veterans and active duty military applying to the Full Time Rice MBA Program by January 4, 2016 will be considered.


The Veteran Experience Speaker Series featured six acclaimed literary authors who discussed the veteran experience's influence on their writing

VIBA with Governor Tom Ridge at the 2013 Rice Veterans Leadership Series
Twice a year, VIBA presents the Rice Veteran Leadership Series. This event features veterans who have excelled in business, the arts and public service. Past speakers have included former Governor and first Secretary of Homeland Defense Tom Ridge, former Heisman Trophy Winner and CEO Pete Dawkins, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter William Broyles, acclaimed author Karl Marlantes and other distinguished veterans. Stay up to date on this year’s event at

VIBA Night at the Ballpark
During the school year, VIBA hosts a tailgate ahead of a Rice baseball or football game. In 2014, VIBA grilled out and enjoyed the Rice Owl’s top-ranked baseball.

VIBA with Secretary James A. Baker III
courtesy of the Baker Institute

VIBA with author and Korean War Veteran James Salter

Veteran Resources


Does the Jones School offer scholarships?
  • Yes. Merit based scholarships are potentially available to all applicants to the Full-time MBA program only and eligibility is determined through the admissions process – there is no separate scholarship application form.
What is the percentage of scholarship recipients and the amount?
  • In the current academic year, a substantial number of Full-time MBA students received some level of merit based scholarship.
  • Amounts range from 10% to full tuition.
  • The average scholarship award was approximately 50% of tuition.

Financial Aid

Does the Jones School participate in Financial Aid?
  • Yes. Financial aid for graduate students is available in the form of Federal, State, or Private Student Loans.
  • Students may borrow up to the full Cost of Attendance (tuition and fees + living expenses, etc.) less other funding (ie: scholarships).
How do I begin the Financial Aid process?
  • The first step in the Federal Financial Aid process is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( Rice University’s FAFSA school code is 003604.
When will I know how much Financial Aid I will receive?
  • Our system begins processing FAFSA applications on May 15 for the coming academic year. Before we may process, you must be admitted to the program AND must have submitted your enrollment deposit, which is your confirmation that you will attend the program.
Are Grants available?
  • Unfortunately, as a general rule, institutional, State, or Federal grants are not available to graduate students in the MBA program.
Please reference the Financing Your Rice MBA section of your program for further information:
Veteran’s Benefits

Does the Jones School participate in VA Benefit programs?
  • Yes. Students eligible for VA Benefits are certified are certified each semester shortly after enrollment in classes. Students who indicate military affiliation on their admissions application will receive information regarding the necessary forms, etc., following admission.
How much do VA students receive?
  • All current VA students are participating in the Post 911 GI Bill. For students at 100% eligibility, the annual Post 911 cap is at $21,084.89 (academic year 2015-2016).
How is the remaining cost covered and do you participate in the Yellow Ribbon program?
  • The Yellow Ribbon program is a “cost sharing” program where the institution covers up to a certain portion of the remaining cost (tuition and fees) not covered by Post 911 and the Department of Veterans Affairs matches dollar-for-dollar.
  • To be eligible for Yellow Ribbon you must be (a) 100% Post 911 AND (b) not on Active Duty.
  • The Jones School will contribute up to 50% of the remaining cost not covered by Post 911 and the VA will match dollar-for-dollar.
May I use my Texas Hazlewood Act benefits at the Jones School?
  • Unfortunately, Hazlewood benefits may only be used at public institutions.
For more information, visit

Pre-MBA Preparation

There are many veteran-friendly corporations that have sponsored great programs for veterans to participate in before they enter business school. These programs range from two-day boot camps designed to introduce veterans to the company, to accelerated processes that involve thousands of dollars in scholarship money and summer internship positions.

Investment Banking Consulting Technology Marketing / Brand Management General

Is there someone at the Jones School I may contact for further information?
  • Yes, the Jones School has a dedicated school certifying official:
    Salomon Medina
If you are a veteran interested in the Rice MBA program and have questions regarding admissions, living in Houston or transitioning from the military, please contact either Rob Mark at, Jeff Rosser at or Kyle Rojas at