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As Rice alumni, you understand and have lived the Rice experience. You met a diverse group of people when you arrived during Orientation Week — people from all over the world with all different backgrounds.

Come learn about how the Rice MBA can change your life and your career direction. Experience the same academic rigor, the family closeness, the small class size with big discussions, and look to your classmates to become your future business partners and community.

The Rice MBA experience is all of what you remember about your days at Rice plus more. 

The Rice MBA is where Unconventional Wisdom meets Proven Transformation.

We have three MBA programs to meet your career goals and to help take your professional experience to a new level. All three programs offer a curriculum developed with three goals in mind: 1. academic rigor that is synonymous with the Rice degree that you are familiar with 2. multiple delivery formats to maximize learning experience 3. provide students with the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to their professional needs in the second year with choosing from a variety of elective classes.


Rice MBA

If you are a Career Changer, the Rice MBA full-time program is for you.  To fully change the direction of your career, immerse yourself in a full-time program complete with Action Learning Project and Summer Internship opportunity.  Become a leader of an on-campus student club to get hands-on practical experience in working with teams.

Rice MBA for Professionals*

For Career Accelerators, the Rice MBA for Professionals program is for you.  Accelerate your career trajectory by earning a degree while continuing to work.  This program is for those who want to experience real-time learning and application of concepts taught in the classroom at work the next day.  Choose between our Evening or Weekend class schedule.  The Evening program meets weekly on Mon/Wed evenings.  The Weekend program meets on alternating weekends starting at 4PM on Friday afternoons and all day on Saturday.

Rice MBA for Executives*

If you are a Career Strategist, the Rice MBA for Executives is for you. This program is designed to appeal to key company influencers who wish to enhance their business acumen and hone their executive presence. The program’s emphasis on leadership and strategy offers critical instruction in the most essential aspects of executive management. The program meets for a full day on Friday and Saturday on alternating weekends.

Tying it all Together

All administrative services related to class schedules and daily class activities are handled by the JGSB Office of Student Services. And yes, the JGSB has its own version of Orientation Week and it’s called Immersion. And instead of your O-Week advisors, you will have staff from the Office of Student Services to make sure that you make it through the week-long Immersion before the start of the school year. 

For those of you who remember many late nights in Fondren Library, the Jones School houses its own Business Information Center (BIC) in the building. The 14,000 square foot BIC includes a wide open reading room, reference room and restricted computer room for Rice students only. Full-time staff can assist you with online databases for business and investment research.

We offer a Career Management Center to help you manage the direction of your career whether that is through a formal job search, professional development assistance with your resume or interviewing skills and executive coaching to prepare for your next role.

The Jones Graduate School Alumni Association (JGSAA) for Rice MBA alumni is also a part of the Association of Rice Alumni (ARA) that you all are already a part of as undergraduates. JGSAA membership entitles you to many resources, including career services, Executive Education and auditing courses, online and in-person networking, mentoring and many other ways to connect with the school, its alumni, and the business community.

*For students traveling from outside Houston, accommodations for Friday and Saturday night are provided by the Doubletree by Hilton, Greenway Plaza, located a few miles from campus. Complimentary shuttle service to and from the school is also included. There is an additional cost to take advantage of this weekend residency option.

The Rice MBA is more than the MBA degree — it is a transformation. Make it now.
Dates Offered
Gabriel Garcia   Gabriel Garcia
BS Chemical Engineering 2000
MBA 2004
Amanda Flato   Amanda Flato
BA Computer Science 2007
MBA 2012
Erin Felton   Erin Felton
BA Anthropology 2009
MBA 2016
Erik Moral   Erik Moral
BS Chem. Engineering 2005
BA French Studies 2005
MBA 2012
Robert Foye   Robert Foye
BA Political Science 1988
MBA 1990 
Courtney Gordon   Courtney Gordon
BA Economics and Kinesiology 2008
MBA 2015
Ann Frost   Ann Frost
BA English and Sports Management 2007
MBA 2011
Julian Duncan   Julian Duncan
BA English and Sports Management 1999
MBA 2006
Elizabeth Tobin   Elizabeth Tobin
BS Economics, Managerial Studies and Political
Science 2001
MBA 2005
Daniel Chang   Daniel Chang
BS Mechanical Engineering 2006
MBA 2013
Stacy Kindsfather   Stacy Kindsfather
BA Sociology 2001
MBA 2011
Lynn Lednicky   Lynn Lednicky
BA Chemistry 1982
MBA 1991