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    Beginning in the fall of 2016

  • How your major fits - Master of Accounting (MAcc)

    All undergraduate majors can be a good fit! In fact, leveraging a top-notch non-business undergraduate education with accounting technical expertise will be a hallmark of the Rice MAcc. 

    How can my non-business undergrad background be an advantage in professional accounting?

    • Critical and analytical thinking
    • Ability to synthesize across disciplinary areas
    • Comprehension of complex ideas
    • Exemplary oral and written communication skills
    • A global perspective
    • Foreign language skills
    • An ethical mindset
    • Study issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, such as:
      • Can agency theory in economics help explain why accounting standards are conservative?
      • How has the political economy of standard setting shaped the evolution of the accounting for stock options and long-term leases?
      • Can psychological theories help explain budget negotiations and suboptimal decisions? 
    What academic background is needed to join the MAcc?
    • Some undergraduate coursework in business-related disciplines, such as:
      Statistics, Economics, Management, Marketing, Finance, Information Systems
    • Paths to qualifying for MAcc
      • Business minor
      • Econ major
      • Managerial studies major
      • Many other courses, just ask us
  • Contact Information

    Benjamin Lansford, Director, Master of Accounting (MAcc) Program
    McNair Hall, Rm. 266, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University
    Phone: +1 713-348-2347 | Email: maccadmissions@rice.edu