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Finance Meets High Tech

Finance Center

Supporting a wide variety of learning opportunities requires state-of-the-art technology and a full range of research and analytical tools. Twelve workstations (including one instructor station) are available in the Finance Center for student use. Each workstation is powered by HP blade workstation technology and drives a 24-inch widescreen monitor (workstations that feature the Bloomberg application have two 24-inch monitors). These tools can also be used for teaching on a larger scale as many resources can be redirected to the 65-seat lecture room adjacent to the Finance Center.

State-of-the-Art Technology
  Twelve Dell DXM610 blade workstations
  Twelve Dell PowerEdge M610 Blade Servers
  1.5 terabyte data storage server
  TransLux news and price tickers
  Twenty four 24-inch Dell widescreen LCD monitors
  Two 42-inch Sharp Aquos dDisplays
  Two 32-inch Sony televisions
  Three NEC MT1050 Projectors
  Full video conferencing capabilities with microphones at each workstation
Research and Analytical Resources
  Bloomberg Professional
  Capital IQ
  S&P NetAdvantage and Research Insight
  ARGUS Real Estate Valuation
  Morningstar Library and Principia
  ThomsonOne Analytics
  Palisade @Risk