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Frequently Asked Questions

Finance Center 2How do I get access to the Finance Center?
All students, faculty and staff who wish to use the Finance Center must digitally sign the Usage Agreement. Soon (usually within a week) after signing the agreement, your Rice student ID card will let you access the Finance Center through the card reader on the right-side door.

What are the hours of the Finance Center?
Generally, the Finance Center is open during the same hours at the building, which approximately translates into 7am to midnight.

What is the Finance Center Certification program?
The certification program provides distinction to students who complete substantial amounts of Finance Center training. Finance Center certification can serve as an indication to potential employers that students have shown a commitment to learning the practical application of the concepts they've learned in class as well as the research tools used in the world of finance.

Where can I get digital copies of Finance Center help documents?
PDF copies of Finance Center trainings and help documents can be downloaded at here.