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Finance Center Certification

The El Paso Corporation Finance Center's (EPFC) primary goals are to offer students practical application of the concepts they learn in class and to prepare them for work they will do upon graduation. We offer "EPFC Certification" to recognize the commitment shown by students who dedicate themselves to learning the tools available in the Finance Center.

The goals of the Certification program include:
  Knowledge expansion and skills development for Finance-focused students
  Increased career marketability - Finance Center certification on a resume could differentiate students from their peers both at the Jones School and competing schools
  Contributing to Jones School goal of producing successful graduates

Certification Overview

Certification will come in three tiers: Finance Center Associate, Scholar, and Expert. The tiers will be cumulative, and will be attained through a combination of attending Finance Center training and diagnostic exams.

Tier 1 - EPFC Associate  
  7 total hours of training covering the basics of Finance Center resources + either one hour Excel training or quiz
    - 3 core sessions - Bloomberg, FactSet, and Capital IQ Overviews
- 4 elective hours chosen from various Finance Center offerings
- Introduction to Excel 2007 session (can exempt out of session by passing Excel diagnostic quiz - available here: Excel Quiz)
  Capped by exam testing concepts learned across sessions attended
(Tier 2 and 3 descriptions coming soon)
Training sessions included as parts of classes (such as @Risk in Applied Finance or FactSet training for Wright Fund students) will count toward the certification.
Program Logistics
  Friday Series - Most training sessions will be one hour long and scheduled on Fridays around RFC events
  Assorted notes:
    - To take any EPFC courses, students will need to have first attended a general orientation session and have signed the EPFC agreement.
- Though training may overlap between tiers, students will still be required to complete a total number of hours per tier. For example, if a student completes the Equity Analysis path as part of their tier 1 elective selections, they'll be required to take an additional three elective sessions during tier 2 to get to the required number of electives.
- Assortment of training sessions will vary by semester.