JGS-DC (Document Center)

About Us

The Document Center was created to provide high speed digital scanning and printing services for the Jones Graduate School of Business. Our high volume monochrome and color digital production presses allow us to provide a quick, professional and cost effective method of printing services here on campus. We strive to have a customer-oriented operation that aims for excellence in quality and service. We are committed to providing effective and efficient printing services to all faculty, staff and affiliated departments of the entire Rice community.

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The Document Center is located on the 4th floor of McNair Hall in room 410.

Hours of Operation/Contact Information: 

Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5:00PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Kyle La Rue - 713-348-3172
Servando Canales – 713-348-3170


Document Center Policies

Normal turnaround time for a work request is 2 business days. Work requests for copies of book chapters require additional scan time due to extra steps needed to create a useable original. Please notify Document Center staff of any incoming “rush” requests as early as time permits. Requests received very late in the afternoon (after 4:00PM) will be processed on the following workday unless prior arrangements are made. Any request for after hours print production must be approved in advance.

The Document Center regularly receives requests for printing from one department which will be billed to another department. In the event that a customer is forwarding a file to be printed on behalf of another department, it is Document Center policy to have prior approval from the department who is actually being billed before the job is prepared for printing. If a department fails to give the Document Center proper billing information prior to completion of printing, the department that originally requests the printing services will be billed. Quotes are given upon request.


The JGSB Document Center uses state of the art Ricoh digital printers that offer high speed/ high quality digital printing, easy file submission, editing and file storage. We have two (2) Ricoh monochrome presses (Ricoh 1107ex/907ex) which print at 107ppm and 90ppm respectively. The Ricoh 1107ex has the ability to print perfect bound books as well. In addition, we also have the Ricoh C900s for your color printing needs which prints at 90ppm. The Ricoh C900s also has an in-line booklet maker that folds/staples/trims booklet, brochures, catalogs and more.

Ricoh C900s  Ricoh 907ex   Ricoh 1107ex
Ricoh_C900s Ricoh 907ex Ricoh 1107ex


Work Request Submission Procedures

Work requests can be submitted to the Document Center in two ways. If you have a hard copy of your documents to be printed, you can bring the documents to the Document Center and fill out a work request form. You will then submit the form along with your hard copies. The easiest and best way to submit a work request to the Document Center is to send a digital file of your documents via our websubmission tool. Submitting requests via websubmission is simple.

  1.   Click the link: http://doccenter.rice.edu/default.aspx
  2.   Enter your Rice NetID information.
  3.   Enter information for all required fields.
  4.   Attach your documents for print.
  5.   Submit your request by clicking “Upload Now”.
  6.   That’s it!!
  7.   To review the print queue, go to http://doccenter.rice.edu/print_queue.aspx

When sending digital files we ask that the file(s) be in pdf, word, excel or powerpoint formats. Though we aren’t limited to printing only these types of files, these files are what the Document Center finds easier to set up and color match if your files are to be printed in color. Proofs of documents being processed are available upon request from customer. Once approval is given, the Document Center staff will then proceed to fulfill the customer’s order. Upon job completion, an email or phone call will go out to the customer who submitted the job to inform them of job completion.

Billing Procedures

Once a job has been submitted, proofed, approved and reproduced the billing process is then initiated. Some customers may want to be billed immediately following completion of their request. Others may want to be billed at different times (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly monthly, quarterly, etc.). It is up to the customer to inform the Document Center staff when they choose to be billed. If there is no designation made at time of order completion the Document Center will bill each job as it is completed. One thing to keep in mind is that the Document Center gives special discounts to customers that print in large volumes. Contact the Document Center Supervisor for details.

Copyright Permissions

If your course materials or submitted files contain copyright protected material of any kind (graphs, photos, text, etc.), it is the customers responsibility to obtain documented permission from the author or publisher of the material before the Document Center will process the request. If you are in need of help with acquiring permission to print or post material that is protected, please contact the Document Center/Copyright Assistant, Servando Canales(Servando.C.Canales@rice.edu or 713-348-3170), here in McNair Hall for assistance. Please be aware that copyright permission must be obtained each time a request is submitted to the Document Center for copyright protected information, regardless of previous use.

For more information concerning Rice University Copyright Policies, please got to the following web site link: www.ruf.rice.edu/~presiden/Policies/Research/303-90C.html


Feedback is important to the JGSB Document Center in order to maintain customer satisfaction. If you have a complaint, praise for a job well done or suggestions on how we can improve our operation, please send them to klarue@rice.edu.