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    Rice University Executive Education delivers customized programs
    for large and small organizations in a variety of industries.

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    Custom Programs

    Rice University Executive Education delivers customized programs for large and small organizations in a variety of industries. Whether confronting capabilities of a general nature, such as strengthening leadership skills, or more specific challenges, such as handling the transition to a new technology, we design an optimized learning experience to address organizational performance. After deeply understanding the organization’s strategy and learning needs through a discovery process, program implementation is flexible to the client’s desired time, location and budget.

    Context Building
    The process begins by cultivating relationships. While we have extensive experience, no two organizations are alike, and sufficient time dedicated to customization greatly enhances the learning experience for the participants and the benefits to the organization.

    Analysis & Assessment
    During this phase, we will engage the key individuals in the organization who are developing the statement of requirements. Interviews and focus groups help focus the organization’s needs and develop actionable outcomes.

    Program Development
    We would propose programs that would be based on facilitated learning and experiential exercises, using the challenges facing the organization as the main learning vehicle. In addition, we typically suggest that as part of the program, teams of participants are set ‘real world’ projects sponsored by, and accountable to, sponsoring executives. At this stage, we will develop program specifications that articulate program objectives, delivery schedule, content and cost.

    Program Delivery
    Through their experience in research, consulting, and teaching, our faculty is matched with program objectives. Learning methodologies such as case study, coaching, and simulation deliver the content and develop skills so that participants return to work armed with frameworks for application.

    Debrief & Follow Up
    We will complete the quality assurance process – identify value added from the programs, potential areas for future growth with the organization, and provide a closure report.

    Please contact one of our Directors for more information.

    Jonathan Harvey
    Executive Director, Executive Education
    McNair Hall, Rm. 127C

    Amber Ivins
    Director, Executive Education
    McNair Hall, Rm. 127F

    Brent Smith, Ph.D. - Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education