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Robert E. Hoskisson Photo

Robert E. Hoskisson

George R. Brown Professor of Management

Dr. Hoskisson's research is focused on corporate strategy and its outcomes in regard to performance and managerial commitment to innovation. In particular, he has examined what creates improved corporate performance and entrepreneurship in the multidivisional firm. As such, he has studied how corporate governance (ownership, board involvement and executive compensation) has influenced corporate strategy and innovation, the relationship between corporate diversification (both product and international) strategy and performance and innovation, and how such diversification is facilitated through acquisitions and divestitures as well as cooperative strategies (alliances and joint ventures). He also studied how these relationships might be different in different institutional contexts such as in emerging economies or newly created firms (e.g. IPO).

Dr. Hoskisson provides a setting where students learn to understand theoretical tools and are able to apply them in real life case situations. This requires students to think about the situations that are presented through analysis, but the learning comes when they are required to take actions in relation to these situations and be able to defend the stand they have taken.