Recruiting International Students

The global reach of our graduates is impressive as many are from outside the United States. U.S. law allows several ways for employers to hire international graduates for both full-time and internship positions.

Full-Time Positions 

Optional Practical Training 

F-1 visa holders are eligible for up to 12 months of employment after graduation with a possible extension to H-1B visa approval. J-1 visa may be eligible for up to 18 months of training.*

Timing and Cost

  • F-1 graduates can begin working immediately upon receipt of the work authorization card.
  • No cost to employer. Student pays a nominal filing fee to CIS to receive a work authorization card.

H-1B Visas 

These visas are available to foreign nationals who a) have at least a U.S. Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent, and b) will be working in a job that requires at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Employer Obligations

  • Post notice for ten days stating that you are hiring an H-1B worker.
  • No need to advertise position or determine if U.S. workers are available to fill the position.

Timing and Cost

  • Processing times vary depending on the work location. Premium processing guarantees processing in 15 days.
  • Typical filing fees range from $690 to $2190. The premium processing filing fee is $1000.

H-1B Cap

  • There are 65,000 new H-1B approvals each year (October 1 through September 30). Graduates with U.S. advanced degrees have special allocation of an additional 20,000 H-1Bs.

Exceptions to the cap

  • Universities; non-profits affiliated with universities; research non-profits; H-1B extensions and transfers. Citizens of Australia, Chile and Singapore have a special allocation of H-1Bs.

Internship Positions 

Curricular Practical Training

F-1 and J-1* visa holders can work and be paid through an internship. Approval is processed through the school. The employer must provide the following documents:

  • Offer letter
  • Signed letter of understanding provided to the employer by the student

Timing and Cost

  • No cost to employer
  • Takes approximately 1-5 weeks to process

Please see the USCIS Web site for additional information at

*Some restrictions may apply.