Pedagogical Training

All doctoral students in the JGS doctoral program will have access to a variety of pedagogical and communications development programs through their program of study. These are summarized below:

  • Day-long Communications Workshop offered in the first year, where JGS Communications faculty train the doctoral students on effective presentation skills.
  • Periodic one-hour lecturing opportunities in semester courses (taught by full-time faculty), starting from the second year, where students get hands on practice on teaching in front of students.
  • Week-long Teaching Workshop (offered as a 0.75-credit elective course), offered during the third year or beyond, which covers issues pertaining to being an effective classroom instructor, such as course design, lecturing, discussions, the use of the case method, and other pedagogical strategies. All participants will be videotaped at least twice and will receive individual, confidential feedback from the instructors.

The above-mentioned development programs prepare JGS doctoral graduates to be effective classroom instructors and research presenters upon graduation.