Marketing Area

Dholakia Photo In recent years, the Jones School has gained international prominence through its innovative programs taught by world-class faculty that bring their groundbreaking research and unique experience to the classroom. Nowhere is this vibrancy more apparent than in the marketing faculty group.

Marketing is the well-spring of all business activities that support happy and fulfilled consumers. It is the business discipline that shapes successful strategy, by taking an empathetic perspective of customers, and distinguishing a company’s products and services from others. In every industry, whether the end-consumer is an individual or a business, the successful company is one which does its marketing well. 

Here at the Jones School, our marketing faculty group embraces the multi-disciplinary, quick changing, “part-quantitative analysis, part-creative art” nature of marketing. We conduct cutting-edge award-winning research that is published in the most prestigious marketing journals, and cited by every major media outlet. Per capita, we are among the most productive marketing research faculty in the world. In the classroom, we deliver rigorous, state-of-the-art courses that combine the latest developments in marketing practice with the theoretical grounding that is necessary to make considered and successful decisions. Together, we are truly dedicated to advancing marketing thought and practice, and training a new generation of marketing leaders.

On this website, you will find information about each of our faculty members including their biographies and current research projects, descriptions of courses, information about exciting events such as our annual Marketing Symposium and Research Camp, and details regarding the various programs offered here at Rice.

It is an exciting time to be at the Jones School. I invite you to read on and learn about marketing at Rice.

Utpal Dholakia
Director – MBA Marketing Program and Professor of Management