MD/MBA Dual Degree (BCM/Rice)


The US health care industry faces many challenges such as sky-rocketing costs, increasing demand, inadequate access to health care, inefficiency, inconsistent quality of services, non-uniform processes and more. Increasingly complex changes in the health care and life sciences industries require physicians to take on leadership roles in nontraditional capacities. With growing recognition that many of these challenges are truly business problems,  in collaboration with the Baylor College of Medicine, the Jones School offers the MBA/MD program for candidates seeking to integrate business knowledge with expertise in medical schools, physician groups, hospitals, and managed care organizations.

All requirements can be completed in five years by attending the Jones School and Baylor on alternate years:


Admission Requirements

  • Complete the Rice MBA online application
  • Full Time MBA application requirements
  • Already admitted to or accepted by Baylor College of Medicine
  • Optional official GMAT or GRE required for scholarship consideration 
  • Official current Baylor transcripts mailed to our office
  • Official scores submitted to the Jones School by Baylor

Rice MBA Admissions Staff Contact: Paige Goodson

Rice Healthcare Staff Contact: Dr. Binata Mukherjee

Baylor College of Medicine Contact: Dr. Stephen Whitney