MBA for Professionals Curriculum

The Rice MBA for Professionals (MBAP) program was designed to provide students with a comprehensive MBA learning experience that meets the demands of the upwardly mobile working professional. The program combines three essential elements: 

  1. A comprehensive and challenging core curriculum provides you with a solid foundation of basic business disciplines; 
  2. A required Capstone project that gives students the opportunity to participate in a real-world applied learning activity and promotes a level of camaraderie throughout the MBA experience;
  3. A host of specialized electives in your second year allows students to broaden their professional toolkit beyond the standard general management curriculum. 

In order to graduate from the Rice MBA for Professionals program, students must complete 54 credits of coursework over the 22-month period.


Immersion is a 6-day long jumpstart to your Rice MBA for Professionals experience. For students in both the Evening and Weekend options, there will be TWO mandatory six-day Immersion over the course of your 22-month experience here. For those in the Evening option, Immersion takes place in August before the start of your first year and in March during your second year. For those in the Weekend option, Immersion takes place in August prior to the start of each year.

The goal of Immersion is to get students quickly acclimated to the MBA experience. Students will start some of the required coursework during Immersion. In additional to the academic coursework, students will participate in a series of academic boot camps, career and professional development workshops, team building workshops and assessments, and a few camaraderie building activities.
First Year Classes
Students in the Rice MBA for Professionals program will take Core Courses in several areas. These courses will begin to lay a solid foundation for these future managers and business leaders. Core Courses include:
  • Data Analysis
  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategy
In addition to these Core Classes, students take a series of Intensive Learning Experience (ILE) courses that are designed for content that is better delivered in a concentrated workshop or seminar format. ILE courses include Business Government, Communications Workshop,Ethics, ICE ILE, and Negotiations.

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Second Year Classes
In the second year of the Rice MBA for Professionals program, students have the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to their professional needs. One of the key differentiators for the Rice MBA for Professionals program is the ability to take many electives – the ability to round out your solid foundation of core classes from year one with specific electives that apply to your own personal interest and career plans.

For the MBAP Evening students, electives are offered on Monday through Wednesday evenings. For the MBAP Weekend students, electives are offered on Friday and Saturdays. In addition to offering a significant amount of MBAP electives, MBAP students are also allowed to take Full-Time MBA electives (schedule permitting).

In addition to elective course work, students will have ILE course work as well as a few additional required courses in Leadership, Macroeconomics, and Organizational Change.

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The Capstone Course gives MBA for Professional students the opportunity to participate in a real-world applied learning activity outside of work and the traditional classroom. It brings together students and their professors to develop recommendations that can help community organizations solve critical strategic challenges, such as major growth or expansion plans, organization turnaround strategies, and new ventures by the organization in need of a business plan.

The Capstone Course is offered during the spring semester of the second year.

Past cases have included local community organizations such as: AAMA, Bering Omega, Collaborative for Children, Healthcare for Homeless, Hermann Park Conservancy, Historic Houston, Ibn Sina, KIPP, Neighborhood Centers Inc, Passport for Care, Rockwell Foundation, and Shell Center for Sustainability.