Welcome to the Jones School

Dean GlickWelcome to the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business. As a proud institution of Rice University, it is our mission to uphold a long-standing tradition of excellence in developing principled, innovative thought leaders in global communities. The Jones School is committed to creating exceptional value to global business thought and practice through the intellectual leadership and capital of its faculty and the development and contribution of its graduates.

The thought leadership of our faculty is evident in their publications in leading peer-reviewed journals and their appointment to the boards of those journals, the quality of their course design and the excellent learning environments that they create. Jones School faculty research productivity in high-impact journals is ranked 21st by Businessweek and many of our scholars earn international recognition for their work. 


Within the Classroom

These leaders in business thought challenge our students intellectually and influence their ability to solve global business challenges. In the classroom, students gain from their professors a comprehensive framework for the fundamentals of strategy, organizational behavior, marketing, finance and accounting. They learn from faculty whose academic research challenges conventional business wisdom and so-called common knowledge—who equip students with the tools of intellectual thought that allow them to leap forward in critical thinking and provide uncommon value to their careers, their companies and their communities.

Beyond the Classroom

Our students and graduates put what they’ve learned into practice as they create and lead stimulating events that involve leaders and participants from the business community, such as the Rice Energy Finance Summit, the Veterans Leadership Series and Veteran Experience Speaker Series and the Women in Leadership Conference, which has broken attendance records two years running. Their thought leadership appears in class discussions and group projects, like the Action Learning Project. Entrepreneurial students have the opportunity to participate in the world’s largest and richest business plan competition, the Rice Business Plan Competition, which attracts teams from across the globe and gives 42 of them the chance to present their plans to venture capital investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders. OwlSpark and Owl Tank also support the education and goals of entrepreneurial business students. 

And students benefit from our location in the dynamic city of Houston, the United States’ most ethnically and racially diverse city, home to the Energy Capital of the World, the world’s largest medical center and an exciting hub for entrepreneurial activity that drives job creation and innovation. 

Throughout the World

At the Jones School, we combine the intellectual rigor of the classroom with group and experiential activities to enhance leadership development with global impact. Each year, our students venture to China, South America, Mexico, Africa and India, visiting multinational corporations to gain a global business perspective and working on the ground in social entrepreneurship endeavors.

I encourage you to continue to explore the website to learn more about the Jones School at Rice University. We are dedicated to providing value to our students. and we take pride in our impact on the local and global community. By developing principled innovative thought leaders, we help to create new businesses, accumulate wealth, contribute intellectual business capital, foster technology commercialization in developing countries and give back to our community in a variety of substantial ways. I invite you to engage with us, and I welcome any ideas, comments, or thoughts you may have.

“Success is measured by the service you render and the character of citizen you make rather than by the amount of money you amass." - Jesse Jones

The Jones School is named in honor of the late Jesse H. Jones, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, head of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and entrepreneur. Jones led with the power of ideas coupled with impeccable personal integrity, demonstrating thought leadership that catapulted his community and his businesses to extraordinary success.

Warm regards,

Bill Glick
Dean and H. Joe Nelson III Professor of Management