Honor Code

Rice has a high trust culture that obligates individuals to preserve our legacy of honor. Developing principled leaders starts on day one. Academic integrity (Rice Honor Code, which students need to write and sign on every exam and paper that they submit for credit at Rice) and business honor (the MBA Oath) are presented as soon as a student begins the Rice MBA program. The code reads:

“On my Honor, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this [exam/paper/etc.]”

The three main student responsibilities of the Rice honor code are:

  • Do not violate the Honor Code;
  • Do not aid in a violation;
  • Report any suspected violations to the Honor Council.

The Rice Honor Council is a group of students elected by the student body to investigate accusations, handle cases of suspected violations, orient new students to the system, and seek improvement to the Honor System. It is an objective third party and is not responsible for accusing students. The entire student body is responsible for ensuring that the Honor System continues to operate effectively.

Student Mission Statement

Along with the Rice Honor Code, the Student Mission Statement was created to set the long-term direction of the student body and to carry that culture of integrity beyond graduation. The Student Mission Statement reads:


As aspiring leaders, we join the Jones School to develop ourselves through academic pursuit and contributions to our community. To demonstrate our commitment, we will:

  • Act with integrity,
  • Value the differences in individuals, and
  • Strive for excellence.

In accordance with this commitment we hold ourselves accountable to be prepared, respect the wisdom of our faculty and peers, and practice intellectual curiosity. We will also hold our instructors accountable to help us develop the skills and intuition necessary to distinguish Jones School graduates as superlative leaders.


Upon graduation, we will demonstrate principled leadership in our communities and uphold strong ethical values while guarding the reputation of our peers, school, and professions.