Student Feedback

MBA Full Time Program

"Thank you for walking me through the Pyramid Principle. It ended up being very helpful as I structured my summer internship project, and definitely brought to my attention a couple of things that I would have missed, and which would have been more difficult to integrate later on."
MBA Class of 2014

"Today I realized that I am part of a MBA program where all of my skills will be tested. I was overconfident about my speaking abilities before your course, but after your comments on my case presentation, I realized that I may have judged myself too highly. Something I do often.

"Rice is all that is energy and finance and I get that. Coming from the military, I need finance and accounting skills more than most, but this past week felt more like a MBA program than anything we have done so far. I had to manage a company, answer to the media about my decisions (or at least my classmates did), and try to gain the upper hand in negotiations while sitting across the table from people that I deeply respect . . . I then had to work with a team that I am unfamiliar with in order to prepare for a meeting where the boundaries were undefined. This, in my opinion, better represented the real world more than anything that I have done so far.

"After class we all went to Valhalla to "reflect," and your session was the topic of the conversation. Everyone really enjoyed it, and bringing in the guest speaker was icing on the cake. It concreted the lesson that public speaking and knowing our audience is so integral to business that it must not be ignored. In fact, it is vital to our future success."
MBA Class of 2013

"My communication skills have helped raise my performance in my business not only in presenting but also in understanding the corporate culture…"  
MBA Class of 2007

"… your class meant so much to me. I had to present to 70 physicians in Budapest on the industry view of medical devices. I spoke for 20 minutes and fielded questions afterwards. Every doctor came to me afterwards and said that they had never seen a company presentation like that ever before! At that moment, I was SO happy that I went to Rice."  
MBA Class of 2005

MBA for Professionals Program

"My interview skills are much improved since we began our work together in Immersion. The lessons you teach are broadly applicable to all communications scenarios."
MBAP-Evening Class of 2013

"Thanks for such detailed feedback on all our assignments. Taking your evaluations seriously helped me in improving my overall communications. I could see a visible difference in my performance from start to end of the course. I admire the contagious energy you carry to each and every class. Honestly, at the beginning of the semester, I didn't take communications course seriously compared to my other courses. But, your teaching aroused my interest in this course, and also made me realize the importance of communications in the corporate world."  
MBAP-Weekend Class of 2013

"Please find attached the latest press release from my new company, announcing my joining them as VP Business Development, North America. I don’t believe I would have ever been considered in the first place, at such a comparatively young age, without having completed my Rice MBA, and having been considered, I don’t think I would have had the skills to complete both the business and sales/marketing plan components and then work these into a professional 30 minute PowerPoint-based presentation had I not gone to Rice! Thanks to all of you for what you’ve taught me, and for your help!"
MBAP-Evening Class of 2011


MBA for Executives Program

"I wanted to thank you for sharing that pyramid outline in class a couple of weeks ago. We had a 2 day project review at my company this week and I used the pyramid technique to communicate the difference between the key messages and extraneous supporting information. It really helped us from getting stuck in the weeds."  
EMBA Class of 2010

"Do not underestimate the soft skills. The class that I have benefited the most from was Communication."
EMBA Class of 2009

"Communication skill is such a vital component in the business world (and in life in general). What I learned at Rice has built a great foundation for my business career and development. I'm so grateful for all of your help, which I really needed. I'm much more confident in terms of communication skills while conducting my business. I know that my company’s focus on communication really makes us stand out from our competitors."
EMBA Class of 2008