Communication Curriculum

The Jones School communication curriculum fosters the capabilities and judgment required for our students to be globally effective communicators. Core course content in all three Rice MBA Programs (full time, professional, and executive) begins with a foundation in communication strategy and rhetoric, followed by best practices in organizing messages. Courses then provide instruction, individualized coaching, and practice, so students are able to implement successful communication strategies through oral presentations, business writing, and the visual representation of information.

We often integrate communication assignments with other core disciplines such as Marketing, Strategy, Data Analysis, and Ethics, enabling our students to practice communication skills in a cross-disciplinary learning environment.

Customized Learning
Students have the opportunity to work with diction and articulation coaches to improve their pronunciation of English, and to meet individually with faculty to develop a personal communication development plan. Peer writing coaches are available to work with any student requiring additional assistance in refining writing skills. Optional workshops in presentations, graphics, writing, and networking are offered.

Action Learning Project
The Action Learning Project is the full time program’s first-year capstone course. Communication faculty play a key role in organizing ALP and coaching student teams to ensure that they effectively communicate their insights and recommendations to host companies and organizations.

The Jones School offers a variety of communication-related electives for second year students on topics such as investor relations, crisis communication, interpersonal communication in healthcare, and marketing communication (in conjunction with the Marketing group).