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Rice MBA places 7th worldwide for ‘Best in Finance’

January 26, 2009 — Today, the Rice MBA Full-Time program at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management, Rice University, was ranked 7th in the world in the category, ‘Best in Finance’, according to the 2009 Financial Times survey.

Additionally, in overall rank, the Rice MBA program placed 2nd in Texas, 25th in the U.S., and 53rd worldwide. Plus, this year the Jones School rose to rank 20th worldwide in faculty research.

The Financial Times ranks the top 100 full-time global MBA programs through a survey of alumni three years post graduation. The survey gauges alumni salaries and career development, the diversity and international reach of the program, and the research capacity of the school. This year’s ranking is a nine-point increase in the U.S. standings, and an 11-point increase in our global standing. Just as importantly, the school saw a dramatic jump of 13 points in faculty research, up from 33 last year.

“The recent Financial Times ranking is an excellent indicator of the success of our alumni and the value they place on their time spent at the Jones School. Unlike other rankings, the Financial Times surveys alumni three years post graduation to measure their career successes from a long term perspective.

The Rice MBA develops leadership skills that enable our graduates to increase their salary potential, secure promotions and guarantee their future professional growth. It is gratifying to know that our graduates are excelling in their careers,” said Bill Glick, the dean of the Jones School.

“The connections we maintain with our alumni are some of our most valuable, because they act as our best ambassadors, our keenest recruiters and our family.”

Dean Glick added, “I’d also like to acknowledge the contribution our outstanding faculty has made in the area of research. They have greatly impacted the school and our students by their continued thought leadership in research. They bring their important insights into the classroom, and with their influence, help shape tomorrow’s business leaders. ”

The alumni survey conducted by the Financial Times constitutes approximately 60 percent of the ranking. The remainder comprises information pertaining to the current year’s enrolled students and the business school in general.

More information on the Global MBA rankings was published in the Business Education section of the Financial Times on Monday, January 26, 2009.

Julia Nguyen