Most Promising Energy & Clean Technology Companies Announced at Rice Alliance Energy & Clean Technology Venture Forum

 HOUSTON – (Sept. 17, 2010) - The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship (Rice Alliance) announced the 10 Rising Venture and five Most Promising Energy & Clean Technology companies at the 8th Annual Energy & Clean Technology Venture Forum in Houston this week. Energy & Clean Technology companies showcased their new offerings at the largest venture capital conference in the Southwest with 500 attendees, including investors, venture capitalists, industry representatives, business leaders, service providers, and entrepreneurs.  

Bell Ringing 2010 #1 The one-day event culminated in an announcement of the 10 Rising Venture Energy & Clean Technology Companies chosen from 40 presenters and judged by the Rice Alliance Energy & Clean Technology Advisory Board, based on the companies’ business plan or elevator pitch presentations. The elevator pitch simulates meeting an investor on an elevator and having only 90 seconds to convince them to consider investing in your company. 

Five of the ten Rising Venture elevator pitch companies are based in Houston: Neohydro Corporation; OpenAlgae, LLC.; Orbital Traction, Ltd.; Smart Office Solutions; Vbine Energy; Z-Terra, Inc. The other five companies represented diverse regions, including San Diego, CA; San Antonio, TX; Bloomfield, CT; Pojoaque, NM; Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada.

In addition, five other new energy and clean technology companies were pre-selected to present their 10-minute business plan presentation at the forum, and as one of the chosen five, were also named a Most Promising Energy & Clean Technology Company.

Rice Alliance managing director Brad Burke, announced the winners of the Most Promising Energy & Clean Technology Company awards at the event. “Every year the quality of companies improves. Many of the companies at this year’s event have developed prototypes, obtained proven results and are on their second round of funding. This makes them more appealing to investors, who have also expressed appreciation for the quality of the companies.”

Most Promising Energy and Clean Technology Companies, based on their business plan presentations:
Ideal Power Converters - Spicewood, TX - developing a new power converter topology which dramatically reduces weight, size and cost of power converters for solar, wind, AC motor control, and electric/hybrid vehicles.

Emissions Technology, Inc.
– Houston - manufactures and sells the patented ETI's UltraBurn Combustion Catalyst Systems that injects a special liquid aerosol with metals often used in catalytic converters into the engine's intake air stream.  The catalyst-enriched air is then introduced into the cylinders where it mixes with the fuel to create a cleaner, cooler, more complete burn.  product that dramatically reduces fuel consumption and reduces pollution for off-road diesel engines.

Eco Power Solutions (USA) Corp. - Quincy, MA - is developing a patented turnkey energy recovery and emission control technology which provides a greater than 96% reduction in emissions, along with a 10%-25% reduction in carbon dioxide. The technology is also capable of generating supplementary energy by recovering waste heat, thus providing a significant reduction in operating costs.

OsComp Systems, Inc. - Cambridge, MA – is developing a patent-pending compression technology that reduces operating and capital costs of compression by over 30%.

Advanced Hydro Inc - Austin, TX - is commercializing a bio-inspired coatings technology that reduces fouling of membranes used in water treatment including desalination, waste-water, produced-water, and industrial-water.

Rising Venture Companies, based on their elevator pitch presentations:   
Biogas & Electric - San Diego, CA – developing a patent protected NOx reduction technology, NOxRx, that has 1/3 the installation cost of other solutions. NOxRx also saves customers approximately $50K per year in operating costs.

Energy Conservation Industries, LLC. – San Antonio, TX - is a scalable provider to vertical markets offering a proprietary method for energy conservation in electric induction motors. Applications are a customized after-market retro-fit and sold on a project or contract basis. Designed to reduce operating expenses.

LiquidPiston, Inc. – Bloomfield, CT – developing a rotary internal combustion engines based on an innovative thermodynamic cycle, increasing average efficiency over conventional diesel engines from < 20% to > 50% under typical operating modes. LiquidPiston engines are quiet, compact and powerful, with a lower total carbon footprint for environmental sustainability.

Los Alamos Solar Energy LLC. – Pojoaque, NM - is developing a method to generate electricity both more cheaply and with less carbon dioxide emissions than burning natural gas. They use solar energy to reform natural gas into a higher energy fuel (syngas), and then burn the syngas in off-the-shelf turbines.

Neohydro Corporation – Houston - is developing a small mobile unit providing a high current electro-oxidation process. The product of the treatment results in 99% reusable water and 1% non-toxic waste. Our proprietary and protected ―BrinecellTM design delivers positive treatment results coupled with low operating and maintenance costs compared to other electrolysis equipment.

OpenAlgae – Houston - seeks to be first-to-market with transportable units to enable rapid and efficient harvesting of algae oil at algae grower sites.

Orbital Traction – Houston - is developing a continuously variable transmission that will improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of variable speed, rotating systems. Orbital Traction is developing products that improve the efficiency of front end auto-motive accessories, such as alternators and superchargers, providing auto manufacturers and OEMs a superior means of drastically improving vehicle fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

Smart Office Energy Solutions – Houston - reduces office energy consumption up to 25% with plug-and-play wireless products that pay for themselves in 1-2 years..

Vbine Energy – Moosomin, SK, Canada - has developed a direct drive vertical axis wind turbine that uses patented technology to deliver 5 kw of power while providing unmatched durability and performance in lower wind applications.

Z-Terra – Houston - is providing of software solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry. Z-Terra’s software helps oil and gas companies visualize 3-D earth structures and reduce the drilling risk associated with oil and gas exploration from ever more challenging plays.

The Forum was supported by Andrews Kurth, Chevron Technology Ventures, Energy Ventures, Shell, Kenda Capital, Winstead, Altira, Leyendecker & Associates, PKF Texas and Canada Consulate General with supporting organizations Greater Houston Partnership, and Opportunity Houston. Low Carbon Economy and media sponsors Houston Business Journal and the BusinessMakers Radio Show.