Rice MBA students honored for contributions at NASA

Wasim Patel, MBA Class of 2011, was recently recognized as 'Outstanding Intern' at the NASA Intern and Mentor Award Ceremony held in July, honoring the contributions and potential of this year's interns. Only five interns from a group of 300 were chosen to receive awards for their efforts, two of whom are Rice MBA students. Brett Johnson, Class of 2011, was also recognized for his performance and lasting contributions.

From left to right: Ellen Conners, Director of External Relations; Ryan Garrett, mentor; Wasim Patel, intern; Beth Fischer, Associate Director, Engineering

The NASA internship program allows students to experience the unique environment of NASA, while establishing mentor relationships that will help them prepare for their career goals.

"We worked in teams to optimize business processes," notes Patel of his summer work at NASA. "We enhanced systems and tools used in the CFO and Engineering Directorates that resulted in significant savings in time and optimization of resources. We also worked on a project that will diffuse knowledge and best practices across the center more efficiently."

Patel notes that the Rice MBA program has strengthened his business knowledge, enhancing the NASA internship. "Experiences in the Rice MBA program have sharpened my leadership and management abilities in a collaborative environment."