Rice MBA/PSM Program

The Jones Graduate School of Business offers a three-year coordinated degree option with the MBA and Professional Science Master's program at Rice's Wiess School of Natural Sciences, which offers PSM degrees in Bioscience and Health Policy, Environmental Analysis and Decision Making, Nanoscale Physics, Subsurface Geoscience, and Space Studies. Students complete courses in one of the five degrees along with management coursework for their MBA.

Admission Requirements

Course Requirements

  • Student must be admitted by both the Full-Time MBA Program and the Professional Science Masters Program
  • Applicants must submit either a current GMAT or GRE score (PSM only accepts GRE)
  • 75 hours of coursework including 30 in a science discipline and 45 credits of management coursework
  • Satisfy all MBA core curriculum requirements
  • Satisfy all PSM-specific track requirements
  • Course schedules will be planned in consultation with the PSM-Program Director and with the JGSB-Registar.
  • Summer internships are required
  • All requirements can be fulfilled within three years

The program will include the option for one or two internships (each three months long) after the first and/or second year, and the Action Learning Project during the second academic year. Students can also elect to do a six-month internship after the second year.


Program Cost

The MBA/PSM Program is billed a combination of MBA and PSM tuition and fees as follows:

  • Year 1: PSM tuition and fees
  • Year 2: MBA tuition and fees
  • Year 3/Final Semester: PSM tuition and fees

Information on funding resources for both programs may be found on Financing Your Rice MBA; MBA tuition and fees are also available here. Information on PSM tuition and fees may be found on the University Cashier's Office website.



Rice MBA Admissions: Paige Goodson 

Rice PSM: Dagmar Beck