The Rice MBA for Professionals

Invest in Your Career

Your business career is in progress, and you’re ready to embrace new pursuits, greater responsibility, and command higher earning potential. Embark on the next phase of your professional endeavors with the comprehensive yet focused curriculum of the Rice MBA for Professionals program.

More than a part time program, the MBA for Professionals enables you to discover a wealth of knowledge and opportunities driven by a spirit of innovative leadership, all while maintaining your current work schedule. The flexibility of the MBA for Professionals program offers an evening or weekend option to meet the demands of today's career accelerators.

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>>> Weekend Residency Option

The Value of the Rice MBA

The true value of the MBA for Professionals program is demonstrated by the transformative nature of your learning experience at the Jones School. An elite group of professors engage our MBA candidates with an invaluable classroom experience, supported by a dedication to path-breaking research and unsurpassed teaching methods. This allows an immediate return on your professional investment.

Consider this...

  • The Rice MBA for Professionals program expands your business toolkit for increased productivity, allowing you to immediately deliver added value at work.
  • Pursuing a Rice MBA lets your network know that you are serious about professional development, and opens doors for continued success.
  • The close-knit society of Jones School students, faculty, and alumni offers you excellent connections and diverse insight.
  • The global essence of the Houston business community provides a rich, unique background to your studies.

Rice MBA for Professionals Paradigm

Candidates represent all areas of the Houston business community, including petroleum and energy, financial services, technology, consulting, manufacturing, and healthcare. Houston professionals who seek to leverage the opportunity of dynamic business energy added to the prestige of a homegrown program are good candidates for a Rice MBA. 

Accelerate your career.