Rice MBA for Professionals Career Services

Students in the Rice MBA for Professionals program will receive one-on-one career counseling and group instruction in career management comparable to the services we provide our full-time MBA students. The timing and delivery of many of these services will be customized to meet the needs of the MBA for Professional students' scheduling challenges and the limited time students will have to devote to Career Management Center (CMC) activities.

Much like the career planning services offered to MBA for Executives, MBA for Professionals students will have the option of selecting which career planning events and services they would like to attend. Students who wish to participate in on-campus recruiting during their second year of the program will be required to attend Career Management Seminars to ensure they are adequately prepared to compete with other Rice MBA students and to appropriately represent the Rice MBA.

Career Management Seminars
Career Management Seminars, scheduled for the second year of the program, are designed to provide MBA students with the life-long career management skills they will need not only in the MBA job search, but to successfully manage their careers post-MBA. These seminars are designed for those students planning on remaining with their current employer as well as for those wishing to make a career switch. Seminar presentations are also made available online via the CMC website for students to download for reference. Students will also receive a Career Management Workbook, published annually by the CMC, which contains useful information about career management skills, the job search , and how to best utilize and work with the CMC.

Individual Career Counseling
MBA for Professionals students will also have access to CMC professional staff for individual career counseling meetings. Meetings will be scheduled at the request of the student during normal office hours.

Additional CMC and Career Events
MBA for Professionals students will have the option of attending additional CMC events throughout their second year of the program including:

  • Introduction to the CMC
  • Researching MBA jobs
  • MBA-focus (our online posting system)
  • Career leader (individualized skills and preference inventory)
  • “Schmoozing” or developing social networking skills
  • Successful job searches for international MBA students (optional)
  • Job search correspondence (cover letters, thank you notes)
  • Two-minute drills (how to introduce yourself during a networking opportunity or a job interview)
  • Networking for informational interviews and job interviews
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills
  • Company recruiting presentations
  • Mock interviews
  • Rice career fairs
  • Educational career panels
  • CMC sponsored visiting speakers
  • Alumni career mixers

Additional Career Resources and Research Tools
The CMC as well as the Business Information Center provide access to a wide-range of career related informational and research tools. Examples include paid subscriptions to Vault and Wetfeet, as well as many other career oriented publications.

Timing of Service Delivery
Most career services will be offered to MBA for Professionals students during the second year of the program. During the first year of the program, MBA for Professionals students will have access to several, self-service online career tools and will receive an introduction to the CMC.