Why the Rice MBA for Executives

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The Value of a Rice MBA (PDF)

The Rice MBA for Executives is designed for business leaders who have at least 10 years of management experience and want to complement their managerial experience with better executive-level business decisions.

Consistently ranked amongst the top executive programs by Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, the curriculum is rigorous and blends cutting edge academic theory with practical thinking and experience.

Broad diversity among classroom peers creates compelling discussion which allows students to learn as much from high caliber colleagues as from faculty. Case study analysis will take on a more dynamic personality as our candidates discuss both the nature of the cases presented while interjecting personal anecdotes from years in a diverse blend of industries.

The MBA for Executives at Rice University will accelerate your career through experiential learning from faculty redefining the boundaries of business. You’ll form life-long relationships with colleagues who are C-suite executives: a majority of our students are senior level managers and the current class has an average of 17 years work experience.  In the current class, 54% have advanced degrees in medicine, law, finance, engineering and many other disciplines.


      Class of 2015 and 2016:

  • Total Students = 86
  • Average Work Experience = 17 years
  • Average Age = 39.5
  • Female Representation = 14%
  • Advanced Degrees = 52%
  • Countries Represented = 25 (Albania, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain,Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, United Kingdom, United States)