Recruitment at Rice

As your partner, the Career Management Center assists you in connecting with our students. We provide support throughout the process.

If you are new to the recruiting process, we recommend the following procedures:

  • Select a Week to Interview — After reviewing the recruitment calendar, decide what week works best for your schedule. Contact the CMC to request dates.
  • Schedule a Partio or Presentation — Enhance your company’s visibility by hosting an event on campus, providing an opportunity for students and alumni to network with company representatives.
  • Post a Job on OWL-Careers (Powered by MBAFocus) — This allows you to have access to all of the Jones School students. You can order a Resume Book or have students interested in the position provide resumes for your review.
  • OWL-Careers (Powered by MBAFocus) — Recruiter career portal for all on-campus recruiting activity from posting open positions, hosting info sessions, receptions or Partios, conducting on-campus interviews, and purchasing resume books. Job & Resume posting site exclusively for top-tier MBA schools used by our students and alums to search for available position locally and internationally. The CMC utilizes MBAFocus to post experienced hire positions for Alumni and Executive MBAs. National and international companies utilize MBAFocus to post full-time and internship positions.
  • Review Cover Letters and Resumes — Choose students you would like to interview by reviewing submitted cover letters and resumes.
  • Schedule Interviews — Symplicity streamlines the process of notifying and scheduling students for interviews.
  • Conduct On-Campus Interviews — You will be provided with a room in which to conduct interviews, and your recruiter will be provided with amenities such as lunch, snacks and a parking pass.

For more information, please contact:

Yolander Albert, Director of Recruiting and Employer Relations
Career Management Center
Jones Graduate School of Business
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005