Paying Invoices/Vendors at JGSB



A vendor submits an invoice for their goods or services. The invoice is checked for accuracy and approved by a representative from the paying department by writing “okay to pay” directly on the invoice along with the representative’s initials, current date, and the accounting codes (Fund, Org, Account, & Activity) for billing.  
Marketplace is the preferred method to process invoices.  If the vendor is setup as a Marketplace vendor, the invoice should be entered into Marketplace then submitted to the Office of Financial Services.

           If the vendor is not set up in Marketplace, forward the invoice and a completed Blank W-9

           to the Office of Financial Services.  


           If the vendor is setup in Marketplace to receive payments: 
           - Upload invoice (click here to learn how to add an external or internal document)                  
           - Add Internal/External Notes (Click here to learn how) 
           - Add Accounting Codes (Click here to learn how)                  
           - Assign the cart for review and approval (Click here to learn how)

    Virtual copies of all invoices are retained in the Office of Financial Services


 Click here for Rice Marketplace complete training