“Communication skills are the top sought-after proficiencies in new hires. . . . Employers seek recent graduates who are highly proficient in communication skills, specifically oral communication, followed by listening and writing skills.”*

Everything we teach is designed to turn MBA students into strategic communicators. In the global and digital landscapes of business today, the ability to communicate effectively – to inform, motivate, persuade, and listen – has never been more important. Through both classroom instruction and small-group coaching, faculty work continually to hone students’ oral, written, and strategic communication skills. This teaching grows from our own academic training as well as decades of real-world business experience.

We teach classes ranging from public speaking, writing for results, presentation methods, information graphics, and consultative selling to investor relations and corporate, interpersonal, and intercultural communication. What guides us is the principle that understanding and connecting with a broad spectrum of audiences is at the heart of successful leadership.

*Source: Graduate Management Admission Council 2014 Corporate Recruiters Report