Why Rice Strategy & Environment?

The Strategy & Environment area in the Jones School takes a unique approach in integrating the market and nonmarket environments of an organization to facilitate the formulation and implementation of its strategy.  Strategy is primarily directed towards improving and sustaining the performance of a firm, and it involves the establishment of an organization’s goals and objectives, formulation of its competitive and growth strategies, development and allocation of strategic resources, organization of internal and external governance arrangements, and measurement of organizational performance.

The study of strategy examines issues that are of interest to general managers - those who are responsible for the overall performance of multi-functional business units or multi-business firms. Major topics include: the external environment and structure of the industry in which firms compete, the pursuit of competitive advantage through positioning; competitive dynamics; the creation and leverage of firm resources and capabilities; entry into new product or geographic markets; technological or organizational innovation; governance of a firm; alliances and acquisitions; diversification, and portfolio management;.

We define both environment and organization broadly.  Environment includes market and nonmarket dimensions that impact strategic management.  Organizations may be in the business, governmental, or nonprofit / social enterprise sectors of the economy.  The Strategy & Environment area includes specialists in traditional areas like competitive strategy, international management, management of alliances or acquisitions, technology and innovation, corporate governance as well as business ethics / corporate social responsibility, business-government relations, public / nonprofit management, and social enterprise.  There is increasing emphasis on and interest in ecological sustainability.  The MBA core curricula include courses in the fundamentals of business or corporate strategy, business ethics / corporate social responsibility, and business-government relations. Apart from core courses we offer a range of electives in some of the specific areas highlighted earlier.